Hello! This is Katherine.

A futures designer from cloudy Bogota, currently living in sunny Barcelona.

My passion is to be a designer who through analyzing human behavior can improve existing experiences, create and develop new ones and can make changes that start with individual action.

“Experience goes where data cant.”

My main focus is about using the tools from strategic, critical and experience design to improve the course of weak signals and trends identified especially in the field of emerging technologies, human behavior, policy making, social and urban interactions.

After my masters I have been collaborating on a project called Concord, it is a speculative design concept for the year 2040, imagining a future where personal intelligent assistants optimize supply chains and improve the food system, I have been involved in design research and experience design, we were selected for Milan and the Dutch design week. Also I have work as an research assistant for some qualitative interviews on the impact of COVID-19 on the generation Z and currently I am working on research and PM for the creation of the MVP of a learning startup.

Trained in the master’s degree “Design for emergent futures” made in collaboration between IAAC-FABlab Barcelona-Elisava, I have learned to forecast upcoming disruptions and challenges in technological and societal fields and to develop the interventions to make a positive and innovative impact. I have expanded my knowledge about areas like biology, AI and machine learning, research, behavioral sciences and computer science. I also completed the Fabacademy course, where I developed skills in digital fabrication and rapid prototyping. This allows me to have a better understanding of the processes and needs of the 4th industrial revolution, the maker culture, and how this can be enhanced to create development, production and consumption according to it.

With 6 years of previous experience as an senior interior designer and design coordinator, I have developed the necessary skills to work in a multidisciplinary team and to lead and coordinate the execution of projects from conception to final delivery, also to decipher the unspoken needs of my clients and of users in general to create meaningful and worthwhile experiences.

Change is coming!!

Download CV and in Spanish or English.